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by Dan Jaworsky

but some of us don’t know why | 8" x 8"


This show grew from a few random thoughts that began to fit together into a series, taking inspiration from pulp novel cover illustrations containing what we thought the future would look like in the past. This is the first concept in the series, and thank you for coming. 

Archival cotton prints

8x8 is an edition of 25

24" x 24" on board is an edition of 3. Board art print is hand mounted and varnished and ready to hang, and it's pretty nice, if I do say so myself.


8x8 Archival Print!

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Print Packages available at a discount. See below!

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The 8" X 8" cotton print

Printed with archival ink on archival paper. This print will last until the year 3 million ( roughly )