Working mostly in resin, metal, and acrylic to make sculptures as well as working digitally to produce paintings and illustrations, I see my efforts in relation to the vernacular traditions of gig posters, lowbrow and underground art, comic books, and sci-fi culture.

As a contemporary artist, I want to create pieces that suggest an absurdist alternative universe, in which we can see both the playfulness, as well as the nightmare of, our shared cosmic experience.

My point of view is both sympathetic and critical: there is hope and power in the mundane and overlooked. If there was such a thing as a place where the underdog’s imagination comes to life, this is what it might look like.



Dan Jaworsky was born in Philadelphia in 1977. He received an A. A. in design from Catawba Valley Community College and for 8 years has maintained a studio in Western North Carolina. Self-taught in art, he has received special recognition for his illustrated work.