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Very Limited run of Serigraphs

by Dan Jaworsky

#1 of 45 Cupcake Ghost ltd.



#1 of 45 cupcake ghost ltd. is a limited edition serigraph that's perfect for any haunted kitchen.

A lot of people have asked me what this design means. Fix your life with little cakes. What is it? Well, it means more than one thing, and also it's more of an idea. We take things too seriously, that's a given. Sometimes we try to fix our problems with silly things. And we should understand that the simple things in life are the best, even if they don't fix our lives, they help us keep on keeping on. And finally, it means whatever it means to you. That's just as valid.

Oh, and it's also a ghost making cupcakes. Because why not?

This is a serigraph, which is a fancy word for screen print, and it's mixed media, embellished with other techniques. The paper is marbled, an old practice of floating ink on water and dipping the paper, making each of these 45 posters unique. Printed on high-quality French paper, each piece shows a super scary scene of a ghost making cupcakes. It's a reminder of the simple pleasures in life.

These aren't duplicates; each poster in the series is distinct, making them truly one-of-a-kind. More than just a poster, it's a story and an experience captured in print. This unique and fun design adds a special charm and makes for a great conversation piece.

Don't want to display it in the kitchen? No problem! This poster can be hung on any mostly vertical, flat surface.

Add a touch of haunting charm to your space with this limited edition serigraph cupcake ghost. Each of the 45 unique designs is sure to lift your mood and remind you of the joy of simple things.

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